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Many professionals need project management skills to excel in their careers. Getting a Project Management Professional certification is a great way to give yourself a leg up in your career. To earn this credential, you will need to take a PMP course and pass an exam. Brain Sensei offers an online training course based on key concepts in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (or PMBOK) that guarantees you will pass your exam questions and ace your PMP application.

PMP Certification and Prep Course

Getting certified as a Professional Project Management from a reputable training company or education provider is an investment in your future. It is globally recognized as the go-to certification in project management. Passing a PMP certification exam validates your expertise, just like a CPA shows that an accountant is knowledgeable in regards to the world of accounting. These are a few of the benefits of getting the PMP credential:

  • Stronger Earnings: Pursuing the PMP credential is a good way to increase your salary. According to the Project Management Institute, people with a PMP earn 26% more than those without.
  • More Opportunities: Many organizations only hire project leaders who have a PMP credential. It can also help you stand out when applying to jobs.
  • Greater Stability: When you have more opportunities and certifications, you enjoy greater job security. Companies need experienced and capable project managers with a high volume of contact hours and on-the-job experience. Show them that you are the person for the job by flexing that you’ve met the appropriate contact hours of project management education and received your corresponding contact hour certificate certifying that all contact hour education requirements have been met.
  • Impressive ROI: Getting the PMP credential requires a relatively modest investment in order to get the right classroom training from a reputable education provider, but may result in your earning thousands more per year. The cost is significantly less than taking traditional college-level coursework in project management. The math makes this a no-brainer if you have the money to pay for preparation courses and want a higher salary.
  • Increased Networking: The global community of PMP-certified professionals is an expansive and vibrant network. This is a great way to meet new people, share tips, discuss recent news, and more.

What Is the PMP Credential?

The PMP credential is awarded by the Project Management Institute to people who have demonstrated their skills at leading projects and serving as effective project managers. Over 1 million people have earned PMP certification worldwide, and the fact that you can pursue online PMP training makes it easier than ever to handle your PMP application and exam preparation.

Certification is a valuable way to show that you are versed in a given topic. Many other professions have well-established credentials, such as CPA and CBAP. The PMP credential offers this same recognition for project managers. Professionals and organizations all over the globe recognize the PMP credential as proof of one’s skills. The worldwide visibility of this credential helps to make it even more valuable.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

To earn the PMP credential, you need to pass an exam. However, before you can apply to take the exam, you need to have completed sufficient education. Through a PMP course, you’re required to complete 35 hours of online training to be eligible. Alternatively, you can take the exam if you have the Certified Associate in Project Management credential from PMI.

Additionally, you need a four-year degree with three years of experience leading projects. Alternatively, you can qualify with a high school diploma and five years of experience. If you have an associate degree, you also need five years of experience leading projects.

How Many Formal Education Hours are Required?

To be eligible, you need to complete 35 hours of education through a PMP course. This can be an eLearning experience such as Brain Sensei’s test prep course. Once you have earned the certification, you need to continue to learn to maintain your credential. For PMP, this requires 60 Professional Development Units (one-hour blocks of learning) every three years.

Certification Fee and Course Cost

Taking the certification exam requires an investment of both time and money. However, with the significantly higher median salary of PMP holders, that investment is one that regularly pays off in no time.

How Much is the PMP Certification?

Taking the exam requires that you pay a fee to the Project Management Institute. This is $555 for most people. Members of the Project Management Institute can save $150 (with a fee of only $405).

How Much is the PMP Prep Course?

You can complete your full 35 hours of requisite education by taking Brain Sensei’s online course. For the low fee of $499.99, you have access to our course online for six months. This includes eight eLearning sessions of content and multiple practice quizzes with sample questions based on concepts from the PMI chapters in the PMBOK. Better yet, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a possibility to receive a full refund within seven days of starting. Plus, unlike the promise you might get pursuing a formal project management education from a university, we guarantee that you will pass. In other words, this course is 100% risk-free.

If you fail the exam, we will offer you an additional three months of learning for free. After three attempts, we will give you a complete refund if you still have not passed the exam. It should be noted that very few of our students have to take us up on this offer. Our course is effective and makes passing the exam easy for anyone who wants to learn and is willing to use our flashcards, sample questions, and create a study schedule to dig deep into the PMP methodology and other content in the PMI chapters.

Can I Take the PMP Course Online?

Yes, you can complete your 35 hours of project management education completely online with Brain Sensei. If you want to get the career boost of a PMP certification, this is the most convenient way to learn.

Brain Sensei’s PMP Course

The Project Management Professional exam tests your knowledge and skills as a project leader. Preparing for the exam is about more than just meeting the eligibility requirements. It is also about learning what you need to know to ace the exam. Brain Sensei’s online course is the ultimate way to learn, with a variety of helpful targeted features:

  • 9 interactive modules with story-based learning
  • 13 storyline challenges
  • Four practice tests with 800 practice questions
  • Knowledge summaries and recaps
  • Assessments to help you track progress and evaluate your understanding
  • Follow-up emails with reminders, tricks and tips
  • Support to help you with any questions

The course is entirely online and self-paced. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about fitting a rigid class schedule into your busy life. You also don’t have to worry about a class going too quickly or too slowly for your needs. Instead, you can proceed at whatever pace works for you.

Our story-based approach helps make the content more relevant and engaging and is a proven way to help you prepare for the exam. Better yet, you are learning in a way that is easy to apply to your work. After all, the point of learning to be a PMP is to master the skills of leading projects.

Throughout the course, you take assessments to test your knowledge. These questions help to reveal blind spots so that you can more effectively prepare yourself. Brain Sensei takes assessment further than our competitors because we understand how valuable this insight is for our learners.

Brain Sensei started after John Estrella and Chris Stafford had earned their PMP certifications. They realized that the learning process wasn’t engaging or effective, so they created a more interesting and fun way to learn about project management. The result is a convenient and effective course designed to have a more human touch.

Does It Meet the Required Educational Hours?

Yes, the Brain Sensei Complete PMP Exam Prep Course counts for 35 hours of education, the required number to be eligible. These hours also count as Professional Development Units. Users can take our course to help them maintain their PMP certifications even after passing the exam.

How Many PMP Practice Questions Are There?

There are four practice exams that you can use to learn and prepare. This includes 800 questions. Working your way through these exams helps you set yourself up for exam success when it comes time to take the real thing. Additionally, each module includes self-assessments, so you will be testing your knowledge throughout the process.

Can I Take the PMP Exam Near Me?

Yes, the Project Management Institute works with Pearson and other test centers to make sitting for the exam easy. Plus, you can take it whenever you choose. There are two ways to take the exam.

To do the computer-based exam, you apply online to take it. When you are approved, you will be able to search for a local test center. Once you have found a convenient location, you can schedule your exam. You will be able to choose any date that works for you provided that the test center has availability. You generally can receive results immediately after finishing. This is the most common option.

Alternatively, you can take the exam as a paper-based test. This option is only available if you are more than 150 miles from a testing center. In this arrangement, you receive a paper-based exam that you can send in for scoring. It may take up to eight weeks to receive your results with this method.

Nonetheless, in either case, you can take the PMP exam at a location near you. The PMI strives to avoid requiring burdensome travel for the test-takers.
Brain Sensei even helps you complete the PMP exam application. We are here to do everything we can to ensure your success.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward career success? Brain Sensei’s online PMP course is a convenient and effective way to prepare to take the PMP exam. This credential could help you take advantage of 26% higher median earnings. Sign up today to receive six months of access to 35 hours of education.

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Brain Sensei is rated 4.69 out of 5.0 stars based on 55 review(s).


I'm very satisfied with the Brain Sensei PMP Exam Preparation Course. All 8 Modules are very well structured and detailed. I believe that practice exams included in the course helped me a lot with the preparation for my PMP Exam. I appreciate Brain Sensei for their amazing course and for the awesome service. They responded to all my requests immediately. Thanks. Highly recommended.

- Helen Borimsky


The format of the prep-course is great overall and a great alternative to reading the PMBOK. Barring a few minor glitches here and there, the flow of information ensures that concepts are well understood not only from the point of examination but to the point of application in day to day professional activities. Explanations provided in the answers of prep exams (apart from the 1st one) are also a key to understanding the thought process to be applied. With the focus being on Agile approaches from 2021, the information in the course seemed adequate to cover the concepts. All the Best to all aspirants.

- Debraj


رقص ترانه وشادب5

- محسن گلستانی


Studied BrainSensei for 11 days and passed. Succinct and highly informational chapters. The 4 practice exams are marginally more difficult then the PMP. Borderline impossible to fail the PMP if you pass this course.

- Sarmad(Sam)


Great course! They break down all concepts in a very clear and interactive way, that doesn't put you to sleep. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to pass the PMP exam with flying colors.

- Lusine Nazaryan


شكرا على البرنامج الجميل

- اشحنولي



- اريد شدات بدون رصيد


Your course, quizzes at the end of most modules and practice exams truly challenged me. I definitely derived the value and knowledge I was looking for in preparation for taking the PMP Certification Test. In particular, I appreciated the explanations that popped-up in the tests after an answer was submitted - very educational and helpful to my learning/understanding the material and concepts better. Some areas that could be improved (and some of this is nit-picking) include: * Some of the grammar and overall sentence structures, particularly in the latest set of practice exams, needs to be cleaned-up. Some were missing 'of', 'for, or had an extra 'an' in the narrative - got confusing at times. * In the practice exams, I'd like to see shorter sentences rather than the flurry of 'and' and 'or' conjunctions that made reading the sentences go on forever (had to read them multiple times to truly understand their meaning). That said, I enjoyed the overall online course taking experience and thank you for accommodating my requested time extensions. Best regards, Scott Conn

- Scott Conn


Liked it. Need access for longer though.

- Jerome


What I like best about Brain Sensei is the interactive nature of the course. I think this material would be numbing if delivered as simple lectures with slides. This method is an improvement on that. On the other hand, an in-person course, while more expensive, would likely be even more useful if you have the funds and the time. I haven't taken the PMP exam yet, so I can't comment on how useful the practice tests are.

- James



- Yennyfer


The Brain Sensei PMP program is a wonderful program that condenses the PMBOK into digestible and retainable bites leveraging the power of story telling. If you're looking for a program that will get you your credit hours but also help establish a foundation of PMI knowledge this is the program for you!

- Kenny Dalen


Passed first attempt

- Lee


Truly the best course in town if you wish to pass the PMP exam on the first try. I love the idea of playing the role of the samurai and practice your project management skill in her shoes. And not to forget, the generous amount of practice exam gave me just the right dose of confidence before taking the real one. Highly recommended

- Minh Vo


The course was great, though I found a lot of parts hard to comprehend. I feel a lot more prepared and better skilled to manage projects in my career. Thanks, Brain Sensei.

- Jill Finkelstein


The BrainSensei PMP preparation course provided me with all the material required to be ready for the exam. It is well structured, explains the concepts clearly, and most importantly, provides ample training questions through the four mock exams and assessment questions at the end of each module. I passed the exam with Above Target in all sections on the first attempt.

- Gael Riethmuller


Overall I really liked this learning course. It was very helpful and allowed me to be well prepared for the exam. The 2nd and 3rd practice exam are great to give you real example questions and help prepare you for what to expect. BrainSensei's customer service was the best. I had to delay taking my test due to COVID and they extended my membership for free. They went above and beyond my expectation which was great. Only changes I would recommend is to add 1 or 2 more practice exams like the 2nd and 3rd exam and get rid of the agile practice exam. This is not a real focus of the test and therefore is not really applicable in my opinion.

- Ronnie


BrainSensei developed a great learning method to prepare for the PMP certification exam. Their customer service is always very professional, fast, spot on and dedicated to your success. I recommend them.

- G. Buchs


I've sent several emails to BrainSensei (one of them not so nice, but the rest were okay) and the team has always been so polite in answering the questions. I'm a very straight-forward person and don't like the PMI-ism type questions because they seem like 'gotchas' or traps, and this is not how I manage my team. I took the Master of Project course (which was garbage) then failed the PMP exam. Throughout the PMP exam I felt so out of touch. Even with the first practice exam on BrainSensei I felt out of place, but I am not getting the hang of things. I hope to pass the exam on the second attempt! The brain sensei experience has been *miles* ahead of the Master of Project garbage. Brain Sensei should be proud of both their product and of their team! I love getting replies to my concerns so quickly. Nice work :) !!!

- Joseph Mather


This course was great. it laid a great foundation for the PMP exam.

- Marc Vazquez


very useful

- Dan


I was very pleased with the preparation provided for the PMP certification. I went through the materials twice and passed the exam on the first try. A couple of the questions need to be polished up, but very good training overall.

- Glen


Very easy to work with and quality product.

- Joan


The storyline provides excellent examples that provide context for understanding the core concepts and processes

- Ann


Good self paced learning tool

- Muneer


Outstanding job

- Jerome


This is by far the best way to prepare yourself for the PMP exam. The material is presented in a unique and engaging way that makes learning it easy and also fun! The company behind this course is also very professional and responsive. Keep up the great work!

- Amir Afifi


I have studied with other programs and I didn’t feel prepared. After a short time with Brain Sensei, I had the confidence to succeed on exam day, which I did on the first try after studying with Brain Sensei. It was worth every penny.

- Andrew Grady


Great program

- Ashley


Course is made for people who are already grounded in the material, not for someone that needs all the basics. Was budget friendly and OK content.

- Andrew


Brain Sensei is great tool to have in the study arsenal while preparing for the PMP exam.

- Derek


I really enjoyed the modules and content offered by Brain Sensei! I passed the PMP Exam on the first try and would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a great PMP Exam Prep.

- Delfin Gallegos


Overall layout is good, but there are some quality issues. Progress isn't always saved across all devices and progress gets lost. Some small spelling mistakes. I loved the practical storyline...

- Riaan


Passed my PMP on first attempt using Brain Sensei Prep course.

- Mohammad Ali


Quick and helpful response. Thanks!!

- Laura


Absolutely Fantastic learning software. Highly recommend it! Very well thought out and creative. Really enjoyed my study time. Excellent mock tests and mock exams. So so helpful. Thank you Brain Sensei Team for being part of my PMP journey!

- Tracy


Need improvement in presenting more relevant real exam type questions. The practice exams are too simple and easy and do not prepare you for the real exam. Otherwise, good concept presenting material

- Amir


The prep materials provided plenty of content which prepared me well for the PMP exam. The questions were packed with information.

- Cameron


Teaches the PMP in a solid manner, some things you need to know as a potential consumer: -The Samurai backstory is extremely short, and didn’t really assist me with recall in any in-depth way. It only gave broad brush-strokes as to what each phase entailed. -MOST of what was on the test was covered in the lessons, however if I had zero real prior PM knowledge prior to the test, I would have failed. -The first practice test forces you, as the student to actually read into the PMBOK, which was a benefit in the long run as it assisted me with quickly referencing what I needed to find. -The course will likely cover wave tops and subjects, forcing me to self-study for a week before my test... not a bad deal all things considered. -Brain Sensei’s course has incorporated Agile into one of their practice tests, and this test IS mandatory. This may seem strange, and I didn’t get a satisfactory reason why I needed to take a purely Agile test when I only wanted to take the PMP, for anyone else in this scenario, this is the reason: In June, PMI is revamping the PMP test to include Agile as a significant portion of the PMP. Brain Sensei is just ahead of the curve trying to get students prepared... fret not. Their customer service is extremely responsive and does take care of their members. My program had a couple bugs, and the customer service fixed my problems within 24 hours. All in all... it was absolutely worth the money for me.

- Kevin


I am very impressed with this learning system. The content is laid out in a way that will make any learner understand all the process groups and ITTOs in order to understand Project management and be equipped to excel in the test. The learning system is engaging and fun at the same time. It's very different than other learning material which is composed mostly of videos. Some improvements are needed, but in my opinion Brain Sensei is great value for money

- said durra


At first, I was attracted to Brain Sensei training for their original learning program using a Samurai's story. And indeed it made the whole learning experience funnier - so easier. I felt like the Samurai. Then, I was amazed by The Brain Sensei Team's reactivity and help when I reached out through Their support was constantly reliable and efficient. I appreciated their professionalism and didn't feel on my own. At last, the course and the practice exams proved to be efficient since I passed the PMP exam - with 'Above Targe't in all Domains. So thank you so much Brain Sensei Team !! Charlene

- Charlene LU


Overall very good. Got stuck a few times trying to find resources which I should have downloaded the before starting the program. Customer service has been great.

- Jonathan Williams


SO far I am thoroughly enjoying the Brain Sensei PMP prep course. I have taken a Project management class as a part of my degree which I recently completed and project management has always interested me. I find the course to be educational and easy to follow. I am grateful that this course has been designed in such a way that is simple to understand all of the complexities in project management and that allows me to study at my own pace.

- Eric Browne


The content is good and easy to understand

- Glenn


This review is based on completing all course work through module 102. The story and interactive nature of the course are helpful for learning and relating the material. It would be nice to have the page numbers to the PMBOK guide where references are made to it. Other information that will be helpful, are the explanations to the practice questions at the end of each module. These are provided only after immediately answering the questions. Having these available in the score summary from the 'history' tab will be helpful to refresh why the answer is correct and other options are not.

- Rohan Punit


Overall I would rate this course an 8/10. I liked how there were exams towards the end of every module and I felt that it was very useful having it laid out in different scenarios. I rate it only an 8/10 as I had some glitch/software issues and lost my progress resulting in me having to re-do modules/exams multiple times. All in all, that was maybe useful in the end as it was a way for me study or 're-learn' the course material. Thank you!

- Nikki Cordy


Clear and precise explanations of how things work. I was never lost navigating the course.

- Gary Nicol


A smart approach to present the information which makes it fun and engaging while at the same time preparing for the PMP exam. Brain Sensei differentiates itself from other PMP exam preps in that it delivers the knowledge through the use of storytelling technique. I recommend this course because it will help you pass your PMP exam on the first try.

- Jamal


Loved the story telling and the practice exams. I felt very prepared when the actual exam came around.

- Josh


One of a kind training that was truly engaging!

- Claire


Excellent course for preparing for the PMP exam in a fun and engaging way! The practice questions resemble the actual questions on the exam making it a completely worthwhile experience.

- Rossetta


I passed the PMP exam after taking Brain Sensei's Online PMP Certification Exam Prep. The practice exam questions were so similar to the questions that appeared on the exam. On exam day, when I sat down to take the test and started running through the questions I felt so relieved! The practice exams are also timed so you get more comfortable with the exam experience and feel better prepared when you sit down to take the test. The other differentiator was the video content throughout the modules. The concepts are taught through a story of a young samurai defending her kingdom. This will probably be the only PMP prep course where you can learn all the knowledge areas and feudal Japan at the same time. I'd recommend this course not just because of the videos but because it helped me pass my exam on the first try.

- Jackie


Good course, but a few grammatical errors with how some questions were worded.

- Sonia


It was good!

- Sergei


Loved the unique approach and it still had all the info I'd expect from a full PMP exam prep course. Very responsive on questions too.

- Chris