Affiliate Dashboard

What’s in it for you

Once approved as an official Brain Sensei affiliate, earn up to almost $200 in commission for each course purchased by someone who clicked on a Brain Sensei link, banner image or ad on your site1.  Our referral fees are some of the best in the industry.  See our Referral Fee Schedule for details on how much you can make.


How it works

Joining our affiliate program is free and easy.  Simply add our text links, banner images or ads to your website. When someone clicks through to and buys a course, you earn commission1.

Once you’ve completed the short Affiliate application and it’s approved (usually within a day or two), Brain Sensei will provide ad and banner images and a link which includes a unique identifying code for your site.

We can track visitors that have clicked on the Brain Sensei ad, banner or link on your site.  You’ll earn a commission if they go on to purchase a Brain Sensei course1 within 60 days of first being referred from your site.

For example if you run a blog about project management, you could create a link to the Brain Sensei project management course page and make money every time someone clicks on that link and purchases a course.


Who can join

Anyone who completes a Brain Sensei Affiliate Program application form, accepts the terms of the Affiliate Program Agreement and receives confirmation of approval from Brain Sensei.   The process is easy and the agreement is standard with any kind of affiliate arrangement.


By clicking the “Become an affiliate” button, you acknowledge your acceptance of the Brain Sensei Affiliate Program Agreement



1.  Referral fees, commissions or payments are subject to the terms outlined in the Brain Sensei Inc. Affiliate Program Agreement